Growing Together

Welcome to Life Together! The old hymn by Bill Gaither reminds me of what we need to be striving for while awaiting our King to return.

“Growing together, enjoying the trip, getting use to the family I’ll spend eternity with. Learning to love You how easy it is, getting use to the family of God.”

Let these words remind us of what our journey should be like. Growing together in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please join me here to stay connected with what all the Lord is doing in each of our lives.  As we live, may we love each other as Christ loved us….with a love which cares deeply for each other.

“Love is the willing self sacrifice for the good of others that does not demand payback or even that the other person is deserving”  (taken from a sermon at Redemption Gateway Church)

As we think of those words, let us be ever mindful that because of Christ, we are free to love each other as we live life together…….for we are His hand maiden’s, let it be as He desires…Deb


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